Photography is essential and not optional

outdoor photography abhijeet sojwal
The biggest mistake I noticed among e-commerce startups that they consider photography as unnecessary burden on the wallet. 90% of startups including home based as well as seed money funded companies do not even consider the photography services into their budget. Probably they compare it with passport photography studio in local area, and therefore it can not be considered as mistake as well. However the e-commerce photography is perhaps cheaper than the passport studio charges, but needs professional, well trained photographers, almost 10 times expensive equipment and space. Needs high quality editing services, and technical know how of internet images. A passport image set costs around Rs.80/- to Rs.100/- for one single shot. E-commerce pictures come in set of 4-5, passport image does not need a professional model, e-commerce photography needs a model, a makeup artist, a hair dresser, a boy to iron all the garments with precautions, e-commerce photography also needs editing by a specialist Photoshop editor. With all that you get a set of 5 images for Rs.500/- to Rs. 1000/- which is very very cost effective. But most of the startups almost get angry at our team members after listening to the price over the phone. There is no other way to bring this cost down, but to add quality products with good amount of inventory of the same design. If you sell one design, one color per product you are without any doubt inviting a huge loss anyway, unless you are selling a very high value product. An average shoot with the model costs minimum of Rs.50,000/- in a good professional studio.